Adnow Review 2019 : Native Publisher & Advertiser Network

The Internet has become a great platform to earn money. It has evolved from a simple technology to a whole industrial platform giving rise to a complete sector of employment, ie Information Technology (IT). There are many ways of monetizing content on the internet. among other models, advertising has been proved to be the most successful one. Giving free content to the users while advertisers pay you for showing any form of advertisement is a very successful way of making money online. The internet advertising industry has now been flourishing for the past few years and many forms of advertising models have been developed.

Today we are going to review an advertising platform AdNow that is a Native Ad network. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about AdNow and how to make money online using AdNow advertising network. There are many people making decent money online using AdNow and if you want to earn money online via AdNow advertising network on the internet, this article has everything you need to know.



How To Make Money Using Adnow Network.

Although AdNow works on the Native Ad model of advertising, using it to make money online is as simple as any other method of online advertising. All you need is a content producing platform and you are good to go. Here are all the steps that will help you earn money online using native ads via AdNow advertising network.

First of all, you will need to sign up as a publisher with the AdNow advertising company. To do that, just head over to the AdNow website using the sign-up link given below.

The sign-up process is fairly simple and won’t take long. After submission of the sign-up request, your platform will be reviewed and approved for advertising on the AdNow platform. The approval process is quick and is only based on the analysis of the content posted on your platform. You can find the detailed requirements for publishers below.

Once you get the approval, all you need to do is place ad widgets on your content platform and ad now will start showing relevant native ads automatically. The traffic that these ads attract will result in money that will be paid to you by Adnow advertising network. This is how you can earn money by monetising your content with AdNow native ads.

AdNow Review For Publishers.

If you are a publisher, we are sure native ads must have attracted you. Native ads show relevant and related content by partner advertisers that relate to your content. These native ads are in the form of a widget that can be placed anywhere on the site, usually in the side panel or at the bottom of the page. Some platforms hide some content to show native ads and the content can be read by clicking on “Read Full Article” button. This makes ads more noticeable and hence results in more online income by native ads.

As a publisher, if you are looking for the same advertising model, then you must take a look at AdNow advertising network. The most important benefit of using AdNow native advertising that it can be used along with other mainstream advertising models such as the likes of AdSense to boost your online income. Here is all the information you need to decide if AdNow is the native ad network for your online content platform.

Publisher’s Requirements for AdNow.

The basic requirements to sign up as a publisher with AdNow is very simple. The terms are fairly simple and easy to comply. There is no minimum traffic requirement. Your platform must publish at least one article daily for AdNow to display ads on. There is no restriction on language and almost all language content is approved. Publishers are prohibited from deploying the network’s ads on content that contains pornographic, defamatory and libellous connotations or content that incites violence or demean people based on their age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation.

The best thing about AdNow is that you can reapply if your platform is rejected after fixing the issue due to which you were rejected.

Adnow Review For Advertisers

Pros of Advertising With AdNow.

All Languages Accepted:

Many publishers with Non-English publishing platforms face a difficulty in getting approval from major advertising companies as their traffic is confined. But this is not a problem when you apply for AdNow as a publisher. It accepts almost all the languages and allows all platforms to earn maximum money from native ads.

Competitive ad pricing.

AdNow offers good rates for the ads it places on your platform and the traffic you provide to its advertisers. This helps publishers make decent if not a good amount of money online by the content platforms. This is possible because of the native ad model and the relevant ad content provided by AdNow.

Combining with other Advertising Models.

To Maximise earnings, most webmasters merge multiple advertising models and mix and match advertising techniques. Webmasters know their traffic better than any advertising agency and hence are the key to good advertising revenue. The best part of using AdNow is that it provides JS tags that don’t conflict with other ad serving networks, making it quite safe to use AdNow in combination with Adsense and other networks. This gives webmasters the freedom to create their own advertising strategies.

Cons of advertising with AdNow.

No Direct Ad Filter.

Once in a while, you might find an irrelevant ad or an inappropriate ad on your platform. As much as you would want to remove it, there is no direct way to do it with AdNow. You have to contact support every time you are served irrelevant or inappropriate ads. This might not be a big red flag but it does bother users at times.

High Minimum Payout rate.

Although AdNow provides a decent list of options to get payments including PayPal and Wire transfer, the minimum payout is set at $20 which is higher than what most competitors have. Higher minimum payout means that you have to stick to the advertising for longer and wait for more for the payment of money you make online.

Adnow Payment Proof


All in all, this is everything you need to know about AdNow. We hope that all the information about the ad network given above helps you decide how to earn money using AdNow ad network in a way that can make the most for you. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section below.

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